Callum spent his grade school days writing and drawing comics like Straight Jacket and Chad Partay: One Eyed Midget with Syphilis, but gave it up when he arrived at college because he didn't have enough time to attend classes, get hammered all the time, and also make comics. Instead he wrote a couple of blogs, one about jazz and one about the humor inherent in being dismembered. He also wrote a novel that nobody ever read, and spends most of his time dicking around on his flute. Turn ons include: twenty minute long saxophone solos, Grant Morrison superhero comics and jokes about dead people. Turn offs include: anything that comes out of Wynton Marsalis that doesn't sound like a trumpet (and occasionally that too).


Alex Hood, aka Alex Hodd, aka Jack Dump, aka Myer Mendelson, has had a long and illustrious career as a comics writer/illustrator, musician, and child voice actor. You might know him as the voice of “The Brain” on TV's Arthur. He writes and draws comics about condos taking over the world and men being bitten by radioactive magnets, and posts them at jackdump.tumblr.com. His music has been described as being “as catchy as it is insane, with lyrics that make you want to murder pets” (by Callum), and needs to be heard to be believed. Luckily you can hear it at jackdump.bandcamp.com, where he has uploaded a prolific four albums. Turn ons include: r/spacedicks, wondering why people are so sad, and dropping freestyles. Turn offs include: Jay-Z and stupid boring comics that suck.